Fun Facts About Smoothies

Fun Facts About Smoothies

Fun Facts About Smoothies

Smoothies are a delectable beverage that almost everyone loves. With countless flavors made with the healthiest ingredients, smoothies are fantastic to have all year round. We cannot deny that the best part of making these fresh and organic drinks is not only the extra cream or ice cubes. But it’s the open hand we get for making an ideal combination depending entirely upon our taste.

You do not merely enjoy the delicious taste, but you also become proud of the discovery you’ve made while making one.

Smoothies – A Fresh Treat With Great Taste

Smoothies are not only healthy but tasty too. They are thick, creamy drinks that consist of two primary ingredients: a base and a liquid. They are made from vegetables, pureed raw fruits, and dairy products from yogurt, milk, to even ice cream. Other ingredients that you can include are fruit juice, sweeteners, crushed ice, nut butter, chocolate, and even nutritional supplements.

Somewhat resembling milkshakes, they are not only tasty but also provide the needed nutrients along with vitamins. With such a healthy drink, you not only get the chance to taste balanced flavors but experience a boost of energy too.

If you are seeking a healthy lifestyle with a pinch of fun, it is time you add smoothies to your daily routine—the flavor depending upon the ingredients you choose.

Are Smoothies Healthy?

Interestingly, smoothies are marketed as healthy food. Moreover, they are effortless to prepare and can even be ordered and delivered fresh at your doorstep. You can modify these versatile beverages into anything as per the preference of your diet and taste.

Simply put, these healthy blends can be divided into the following categories: Fruit smoothies, Green smoothies, and protein smoothies. 

Since flavored smoothies are entirely customizable, you can make them fairly healthy with the help of essential nutrients.

If you are concerned about incorporating healthy drinks into your daily routine, you can make smoothies as a morning meal or an afternoon snack.

Interesting Facts About Smoothies

Smoothies are not ordinary drinks. There are several interesting facts about these beverages, such as:

Fact #1: The first smoothie-like beverage was made in the 1900s, around the invention of the refrigerator.

Fact#2: Historically speaking, Eastern and Mediterranean societies made pureed fruit-based drinks, known as smoothies.

Fact#3: It was around the time between the 1930s and 1960s when smoothies became well-renowned.

Fact#4: By the year 2000s, smoothies gained considerable hype and became widely available in coffee shops and mainstream cafes, even in bottles at superstores.

Fact#5: A green smoothie has 40% to 50% green vegetables, mainly green leafy vegetables, while other ingredients are fruits.

Fact#6: The main difference between a milkshake and a beverage is a milkshake is a dairy-based beverage made with ice creams and fruits. Smoothies are dominated by fruits, vegetables with milk, fruit juice, or yogurt as the base.

Fact#7: Smoothies can be used as meal replacements as they are highly rich in vitamins and minerals.

Fact#8: In the 1960s, the social movements made immense efforts and advocated healthy eating and supported the intake of smoothies as a form of healthy eating.

Fact#9: Smoothies can be used as a great way to lose weight.


Smoothies such as mango coconut milk smoothie or Berry love smoothie are not just beverages you can enjoy, but they also offer highly beneficial ingredients for your health. You can catch up on maintaining the required fibers your body needs, gain better bone health, enhance calcium intake, and so much more. With the inclusion of fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, or grapes, you can fight against certain illnesses.

If you still haven’t tried these nutritional enhancers yet, it’s about time you order one from I’ll Have A Smoothie.

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